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Always An Angel Homecare: A Faith-Based Franchise


A Faith-Based Franchise Is a Great Way to Make a Difference


At Always An Angel, we are enormously proud of who we are and what we do. For us, helping seniors live at home in a dignified and safe manner is not just the way we do business —  it’s our calling. Ours is a faith-based franchise that derives its purpose from a deep belief in, and commitment to, the well-being of others, whether that be an elderly neighbor who needs companion care, or the family member who worries about a senior loved one.  We believe that while it’s important to meet the physical needs of all our elderly clients, it’s just as important to tend to their emotional and spiritual lives, too. That means everything we do to make it easier for seniors to go about their days is done with loving kindness, and our Christian values touch every aspect of how we operate personally and professionally. It’s what sets us apart from our competitors and what makes us such an attractive investment opportunity to anyone interested in making a difference.

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